Aspen House

{ Thanksgiving Eve with my girls (and a boy) }

I have to tell you: when you’ve lived in New York City, Westchester, and Boston for the majority of your years, it is extremely difficult to get into the holiday spirit while literally sweating (and not because you’re wearing your wooly Ugly Christmas Sweater; because it is 75 degrees outside).

Now, to be clear, I’m not complaining; I’m pretty excited about the fact that this winter will most likely not include death-defying highway trips, gnome-slaying trees and frantic Googling of the words “How To Unfreeze Your Pipes.” REALLY psyched about all of that. But still: I need my Christmas to feel cozy and wintry. Fortunately, one of the little oddities of our house is that the living room is kind of small and dark (made to feel way larger by the office conversion, but still), and has these amazing exposed beams, so the overall effect is kind of Aspen cabin-y. And while the vibe is mildly disconcerting in the context of a California summer, once you add a Christmas tree and a fireplace, it’s totally the Holiday House of my dreams.

All I need now are ten thousand sheepskins to sling across my furniture, some more plaid wool blankets, and perhaps the crazy horn sculpture that I found at the Fairfax Market this weekend (and that Francesca forbid me from buying), and I will be a happy, happy girl this winter.

Ideas for how to Aspen up your own little cabin, below.

House with exposed beam ceiling and Christmas decorations

Black and white photograph in front of fireplace with holiday decorations

Christmas tree with fireplace in the background

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