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Three Days Straight

{ West Hollywood, California }

Zara Sweater (similar) | Tom Ford Glasses (on sale) | DIY-ed Cutoffs (similar)

Vintage Necklace (similar) | Cartier Necklace (similar) | Louboutin Pumps

Ever since I was a child, I have eaten the same breakfast every single day of my life…for about eight months. And then all of a sudden I don’t feel like eating that thing anymore, and decide that there is something else I want to eat for breakfast, and then I eat that breakfast every single day of my life for the next eight months. (It’s always been very perplexing to whoever I’m living with at the time, who finally figures out what I like to eat in the morning, only to be told “oh no no, I only eat [something totally different] now.” Perhaps “annoying” is a better word than “perplexing.” Anyway.)

I’m very similar when it comes to my clothing. I find something that makes me feel great, and then I wear it into the ground, season or situational propriety be damned. And right now, that thing that is the only thing I want to wear is the chunky knit sweater pictured above (with a pair of Seven bellbottoms that I cut into the most perfect high-waisted cutoffs ever).

I brought really quite a lot of clothing with me on my trip to Los Angeles because I wasn’t sure what I’d be doing, and what I ended up wearing was what you see here. For three days straight. What can I say? When you find something that makes you feel good, you go with it (and I went with this to sushi restaurants…and meetings…and Trader Joe’s…and my dad’s place in Pasadena…and everywhere, pretty much).

(Also my sweater could really use a trip to the dry cleaners.)

If you’re in the market for a new sweater to wear to all your everythings, here’s what I personally look for:

  1. Color: White, grey or mustard just feel the most fresh to me right now;
  2. Quality: You’ll wear a good sweater all the time, and cheap sweaters pill and stretch (and nobody likes pilly, stretchy sweaters);
  3. Weight: Right now (and always, generally) I’m into chunky, oversize knits as opposed to a slim, fitted pieces.

After that, it doesn’t really matter. Long, short, V-neck, turtleneck…all good. (Below are some of my favorites at all price ranges.)

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