The Replacement

This is not a pregnancy announcement. This is a (very) old picture.

Alright, I have drunk the Everlane Kool-Aid.

I have a bag that the brand sent over as a gift a long time ago (pictured above), but apparently in the year or so since I last visited the site they’ve gone and taken over the neutral-basics market completely; I just went on the other day and whoooooooa good (especially the cashmere, yum).

Let’s back it up for a second.


Meet my favorite potato sack.

See, I have this shirt. I wear it…oooooh, maybe every day? I stole it from my mom years ago, and it’s just one of those perfect-fitting, lightweight, slouchy-but-not-too-slouchy t-shirts (actually more of a muscle tee).

And then I killed it. (Or, more accurately, the dryer in our last house killed it.)

But did I stop wearing it? Much to my mother’s dismay – I believe the exact words she used were “Jordan that looks like a cleaning rag”…nope.



THAT is some good pilling. Don’t care; still wear it (albeit not usually out in public, though I have been known to break that rule). I’ve always kept my eye out for a new one, because it would be nice to be able to wear it out to dinner or whatever, but apparently perfect-fitting, lightweight, slouchy-but-not-too-slouchy muscle tees are hard to find.

But then!

Oh, then.


Look ma, no pills!


It’s an Everlane Air Muscle Tee, and it is EVERYTHING I HAVE SOUGHT AND BEEN UNABLE TO FIND.

Perfect fitting? Oh yes.

Lightweight? Like air. (It even says so in the name.)

Slouchy-but-not-too-slouchy? Check check check.


Here is an awkward photo in which I am trying to show you what the shirt looks like without showing you my face, because #justwokeup.

It’s perfect. Perfect, I say!

(Buy it here; also available in grey.)

Some more favorite pieces (some I own; some I just plan to):

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