Our Front Yard: Before And After (A Xeriscaped Makeover)

Check out that lush, vibrant landscape.

Oooooh was our front yard ever not good. My favorite part was the enormous potted (and dead) tree tethered to the roof to prevent it from dropping straight to the ground. In second place was the red mulch surrounding the enormous (also dead) bush next to my garage.

Enter: a xeriscaper I found on Thumbtack. What is xeriscaping, you ask? Excellent question; I didn’t know, either. Basically, it means taking out plants that need bunches of water and replacing them with ones that are drought-resistant, thereby lowering or eliminating entirely the amount of supplemental watering that your yard requires. It’s also (in my opinion) very pretty.

Our yard makeover is over on Design Sponge today if you’d like to check it out. 

P.S. If you missed my home makeover video series, here it is!


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