Camp Out

You know what launch parties are?


You worry about the guest list and the food and the drinks and the gift bags and the decor and will anybody come and what if it rains and what if it’s too hot and what if it’s too cold and yaaaaaargh.

So rather than an actual “launch party,” Erin and I decided to celebrate the start of glam | camp with a campout. My friend Elise owns an adorable kids’ clothing and accessories store, Stripes Boutique, and let us set up an informal little hangout space on the lawn outside, with the tent we made ages ago and blankets and a lemonade stand,  and we just hung out there all day long, drinking pink lemonade sangria (recipe here) and eating s’mores and chatting with people as they came and went.

We also set up a display of some of our favorite glam | camp stuff, including a brand-new cactus bibdana pattern that we made to celebrate the launch – and for those who couldn’t attend, we’re doing a special price on the cactus pattern through this Friday as a thank-you for checking it out :).

This past week has been a little nuts – Erin and her six-month-old have been staying with us, so we have a LOT of child-related activity happening in our place in addition to the stress surrounding the start of a new project – and it was so nice to be able to just hang out in the sun, eat marshmallows, play with our kids, and celebrate the fact that regardless of what happens with this project – because of course there’s a massive amount of luck that goes into the success of any new venture – we did it. We said we were going to do it, and we did it. I love that.

cactus baby bib bibdana

“Cactus Baby” Bibdana

glam camp erin williams

Internet Armor Necklace | Fool’s Gold Necklace

glam camp

Maypole for glam | camp Banner


IMG_8951stripes boutique campbell rainbow baby tutus  glam camp storeIMG_8988 (1)glam camp babyharvest moon tank

Harvest Moon Tank

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