Bye, Bye Rug

…Or, not really bye, more like “scoot over.”

Because despite what Pinterest has led me to believe, rugs do not belong in dining rooms. You know how Interiors boards – my own included – are full of the most adorable rustic tables paired with antique rugs and such? Well, first I put a rug in my kitchen, and then discovered just how terrible of an idea that is (moved it to the office). And then I put a rug – a brand-new, much-beloved Lulu & Georgia – in my dining room to pull together the furniture that I found at Big Daddy’s – and it really did look amazing, exactly what the room needed, but still:


It wasn’t actually a high chair issue – we have my daughter’s chair sitting sort of off to the side so any spillage hits the floor rather than the rug (and in any case, as one reader suggested on my Instagram, you can always buy one of those plastic mats from an office supply store to put underneath). For us, it was more the fact that our dining room is so central to our house – you have to pass through it to get to the kitchen or to the outdoor deck – that the rug was just getting way too much floor traffic; it was already looking several years old, and it’s only lived with us for about a month.

I love my rug.

I do not want it to age.

pink living room rug

Lulu & Georgia Rug | Crate & Barrel Couch | Dot & Bo Chandelier

And so: this is where our rug lives now. In our living room; a.k.a. the normal place to have a rug.

Fine by me; I love it here, too.

Below, some of my favorite styles that I’ve found out there lately, all of which are lovely and none of which should probably go in your kitchen or dining room.

Also P.S. OMG this emerald-green velvet couch. Just because I discovered it over the course of my Internet Rug Explorations, and it’s GORGEOUS.

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