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On Me: J.Crew Painter’s Tee | On Indy: Jacadi Striped Sweater

Where I spent last weekend: in Calgary, for my cousin Carrie’s wedding. I only took Indy because even though Goldie is still free to travel with (kids under the age of 2 don’t need a ticket), Kendrick couldn’t make it and two children + one adult + layovers in Salt Lake City and Seattle = nooooo. And also: at this age, Indy isn’t just “easy” to travel with – I’d rather travel with him than travel alone; it’s just more fun (whereas one-year-olds on planes are a little less “fun” and more “madcap dashes up and down the aisle with intermittent screaming and people hating you really a lot”).

And: Mom came, and we got to spend four days hanging out together, sharing a hotel room, et cetera. Which was so great. I miss her so much; it really is the worst thing about this move, being so far away from my mom and dad.

The weekend was mostly about family time – hanging with my cousins, letting Indy get to know his second-cousins (or cousins once removed? My cousins’ kids, in any case), eating hamburgers in backyards and reminiscing over photo albums and such – but on the day of the wedding Mom, Indy and I made our way into Calgary for some sightseeing while the wedding party got ready. We only saw the narrowest slice of the city – and probably ended up in the Calgary equivalent of Times Square, since our strategy was basically just to head to the center and wander around for a few hours – but it was great. We ate at an awesome little diner, went up to the top of the Calgary Tower to stand on the (terrifying) glass observation deck, and sat in the sun for awhile listening to a free outdoor concert.

It was great, and the wedding was wonderful (and wait until you see the dress I found at Value Village, because there is no thrift-store shopping like Canadian thrift-store shopping), but I think my favorite part of the whole weekend happened at night, when we went back to the hotel room and Mom and Indy got to curl up together and read books – just that normal time together, you know? I miss it. I’m glad we still get to have it once in awhile.

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