I’m in the mood for neutrals. (Well, I always am. But especially now.)

And so: allow me to present my top 10 Neutral Zone picks for your fall wardrobe (click on the images below for where to buy).

1. The (very) oversize white button-down (I have the one pictured above, and it’s cut to be oversized – you can order your actual size for a loose, boxy fit).

2. The skinny black pant (I’m still into distressed denim, but definitely pair this with a tailored top for a more autumn-y feel).

3. The massive boyfriend-style trench (grey or camel please).

4. The flat black d’Orsay shoe (click here for more d’Orsay options).

5. The cuffed pant (grey or army green)

6. The chunky white knit sweater with a crazy-big turtleneck.

7. The skinny black turtleneck.

8. The enormous scarf.

9. The hat (I’m into a soft, textured grey right now).

10. The manicure (grey-beige – “grege” – but a slightly darker shade than we’ve seen in past seasons).

And now let’s look at some gorgeous color-free autumn wardrobe inspiration pics, just for fun.

tumblr_netl9z1sCf1rsuch2o1_1280karlie-kloss-frame-denim1olive army green button down shirt oversize white button down sexy Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 8.41.30 PM  tumblr_nm53s0kvlK1qcv7buo1_1280

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grey calvin klein logo sweatshirt

P.S. Apropos of nothing except that it’s grey, I’m sort of into those old-school (meaning vintage ’90s – and oh my is it ever weird and mildly depressing that ’90s is now actually non-ironically considered “vintage”) Calvin Klein sweatshirts.

…Too soon for the logo comeback?

(I think the fact that these sweatshirts are all over Asos means I might actually be like a year late on this one, but whatever: still into it.)

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