Bourbon & Fir

Meet my new favorite fragrance.

For years and years I wore Bond No. 9’s Nuits de Noho exclusively – it was my “thing” – and then I went all rogue and started playing with rose perfumes and scents I found at Renaissance Faires and such. I love the idea of having a “signature” fragrance, but since I don’t know how to track down Robin Hood to make him sell me more Gemini oil, I’ve been looking for something really different and special. Something I love.

Found it.

First of all, I love the idea of perfume oil because I love oils generally and because something about it feels so…I don’t know, elemental. Sexy. (And portable.) They don’t last as long as spray-ons, but I roll them onto the back of my neck so that the oil gets into my hair a bit, and then they last all day – and besides, there’s something nice about toting a little fragrance in your purse and rolling it onto your skin every so often throughout the day. It’s a reminder to take a second for nothing bigger than something that smells nice and makes you feel good.

I’ve been a fan of MCMC for ages – ever since I shot an AOL segment at a little boutique in Brooklyn that sold their fragrances years and years ago – but the scents are so small-batch that I never see them anywhere. But then a couple of days before we moved away from the East Coast I stopped into my favorite Tarrytown boutique, Nine Streets NY, and there they were. I ended up trying on the Hunter scent…and then thought about it ever since (always a good sign), and finally went ahead and picked it up. It’s a blend of tobacco, Bourbon vanilla and balsam fir, and according to the website “is best worn with a flannel shirt.”

And? I am wearing both the perfume and a flannel shirt right this very moment. New signature scent, hello.

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