The Basics

Presenting: the perfect striped shirt (and perfect slouchy pants).

You know, I don’t actually shop at J.Crew all that often. Because the problem is that I like pretty much everything they sell, but it’s sort of expensive. So it’s really best if I just steer clear.

But then every once in awhile I wear one of my much-loved wardrobe basics to death, and I think, oh…what the hell.


I have this one striped shirt – you’ve seen it, oh, twenty thousand times by now. This one. And I love it so much, and wear it at least once a week, and what happens to shirts that get worn once a week for many years is that they die. (Mine died. Still keeping it though, because I can’t let go.) So I stopped into J.Crew because if there is one thing that J.Crew does really, really well it’s striped shirts, and found the PERFECT one, and then I found a few more perfect things.

(See? This is why I can’t go in.)

Anyway, they’re really perfect. Like, will-get-worn-until-they-die perfect.

Above, what I picked up – the striped shirt, the slouchy pants, a black silk camisole and a tissue-thin black v-neck – plus a few more options that I love yet managed to restrain myself from going home with. (If you buy one thing, let it be the pants: they’re CRAZY comfortable for everyday, and can also be dressed up with a pair of heels and that silk cami.)

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