Bits & Pieces

Photo by Indy

So I think it’s safe to say we’re more or less settled in now. I know where the closest Trader Joe’s is; our son is happily enrolled in summer camp; we have an account at the dry cleaner. There are still a bunch of boxes left to be unpacked, but that’s mostly because I have to wait for the renovations we’re in the middle of to be finished before I have anywhere to put the rest of our things. We even have a couple of playdates with potential new friends on the horizon (always scary, this making-of-new-friends-in-a-new-town thing, but I did it once before, and it turned out pretty great, so).

And so I thought I’d just share a few snapshots that we’ve taken over the past couple of weeks; just some bits and pieces of what we’ve been up to.


The other day, Indy took the shot of me up there and this one, and…well, excellent work, kid, because that right there is Virgil in a nutshell. A wandering soul filled with naked longing to live a madcap life of endless mailman-attacking and squirrel-chasing, his venturesome ways continually stifled by his owners’ desire to keep him alive.

I have to say, though: see how the window in our living room is oriented in such a way that while he does this desperate-gaze thing he is not sitting on top of the back couch cushions, thereby crushing them into oblivion? That brings me SUCH JOY. And if nothing else, the fact that I no longer spend my days fluffing and refluffing dog-crushed pillows makes this entire move worth it. (You think I’m kidding? Not. That pillow-crushing thing he did made me completely insane.)


Did you know that children really, really like being in boxes? True story. This one was good for a solid two hours of entertainment. (Also, I’m aware that this photo looks like a disaster waiting to happen, but not to fear: all parties involved emerged intact.) (Also oh that bonnet; it’s from Stripes Boutique and you can order it over the phone.)


We pretty much live in and around the pool these days, and that plus the fact that none of my pre-pregnancy suits fit me is an excellent excuse to stock up on some new bathing attire. (You know how you go up twenty cup sizes when you’re pregnant and breast-feeding? It all goes away. Like, everything. I don’t know where it goes, but it’s gone.)

And remember how I lost Goldie’s adorable duck bathing suit (which is apparently no longer available, but this is damn close and flat-out amazing)? The other day I went on a bathing-suit purchasing expedition, and ended up in Carter’s, where I discovered this little wonder. Ruffled, tropical-flowered, one-shouldered perfection.


Alright, so we’re obviously pretty excited about having a pool. Except there is one problem: if I am on my pool float, Lucy must be on it, too. Which means I spend most of my time in our lovely new pool floating around with a lapful of wet dog.

I mean, seriously: she needs to be in that thing All. The. Time. It really doesn’t matter if I’m in it, actually; if it is there, she is in it.



Such a weirdo.

(The next step in her daily routine, incidentally, is diving straight out of the water and into the pile of dirt conveniently located poolside. So to clarify, we don’t just have eau de wet dog around here; we have eau de dirty wet dog. Much better.)


And finally: I was bored the other night, and decided to bedeck this guy with gold leaf and succulents. I kind of love him.

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