I Blame Pinterest

I couldn’t help it:

I totally put a rug in our kitchen.

I kept seeing pin after pin after pin of beautiful, fancy rugs in otherwise spare kitchens, and got all obsessed, and then I discovered an old Persian rug of my parents’ sitting in their storage closet right before we moved, and:

Rug in kitchen.

vintage beautiful woven rug kitchen

The discovery of a beautiful-and-free rug was a fortuitous one, but I wouldn’t necessarily say I actually advocate this, as kitchens – and especially my kitchen, what with the Goldie/Indy/Lucy/Virgil a.k.a. Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse situation – aren’t really the right spot for a fancy anything, forget about a fancy thing that may end up destroyed by the constant presence of apple juice and cheese sticks. So if this is a look you’re into and you don’t have access to a beautiful-and-free rug sitting in a storage closet, my suggestion is this:

Buy an outdoor rug, and put it indoors.

Outdoor rugs used to be kind of hideous, and now they’re all sorts of gorgeous, and they’re massively more practical for kitchen use than the Persian version (rhyming!).

Found some (really) pretty ones for you. Most of the above are outdoor rugs that you would never, ever know are intended for spilling and weather and et cetera, and gaaaah they are lovely.

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