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Eddie Bauer Vest

God I’m lazy about ironing. And by “lazy” I mean “I don’t do it, ever.” Not because I hate it, exactly – it’s sort of meditative and relaxing – but because it takes so freaking LONG. And I’m so bad at it that I don’t even get any sense of satisfaction at the end, just this sort of middling “ah well, I guess that looks slightly less terrible than it did before” thing.

(It is a mark of how much I love my mother, by the way, that when she asked me, the other day, to iron her sheets – which is an obviously insane thing to do – I actually did it. Or, more accurately, ironed the pillowcases and just put the fitted sheet on the bed and smoothed it out while it was still warm from the dryer because that seemed like a better idea than getting lost inside a sheet while trying to wrangle it onto an ironing board.)

Now, on the general theme of “wrinkles,” let’s talk travel clothing. Because every single thing that is in my suitcase right now is going to be there for a good two weeks. And so it better not wrinkle, because if I don’t enjoy ironing in the comfort of my own home, I will suspect I will enjoy it even less while smushed into the bathroom of a Motel 6. I hosted an event for Eddie Bauer at their brand-new store in Union Square last week, and while I was there did some poking around in the racks, and GOODNESS is their travel selection ever fantastic. Super cute and sporty and uncrushable and great for layering. (Also worth mentioning: their new Motion collection – these capris are phenomenally comfortable and great for working out or just running around doing whatever.)

Want to see some of my favorite pieces? (I got to pick one attendee of the store opening party to win a $500 gift certificate, and this is more or less what she went home with, because it turned out that she and I had exactly the same taste.)

So cute. (Ooo the chambray button-down.)

Thanks to Eddie Bauer for having me!

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