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:) In my interview over on Ideel, we talked superpowers, how to be a parent and still get dressed, and my mother’s day wish list. Fun stuff. (Check it out here.)

:) Well this would pretty much save my life every single day, all summer long. (Boston’s Public Sunscreen Dispenser Is Absolute Genius For Forgetful Moms, via Mommyish.)

:) Even if you have a beard, you (probably) don’t have poop on your face. (I just love that the word “poop” is in the title of a Washington Post article.) (No, Your Beard Isn’t Full Of Poop, via The Washington Post.)

:) I’m about to have a bathtub! I’M ABOUT TO HAVE A BATHTUB. (Seriously: all I want is a bathtub.) I think I should garnish the inaugural bath with a little of this.

:) Alright, this is seriously cool. Apparently you can make a “hydra-gel” out of diapers and combine it with potting soil to dramatically reduce the amount that you need to water plants (so it’s a good technique for areas suffering from droughts, ahem). (Disposable Diaper For Gardening, via YouTube.)

eddie bauer outerwear spring

:) Goodness I love cherry blossoms. And this vest. It’s Eddie Bauer, and FYI their new store in Union Square just opened this week…and every purchase you make from now until May 25 automatically enters you to win a European adventure for two. Whee! (I’m also going to be doing a cool project with them next week that involves a major styling session for one of you, so stay tuned.)

:) This was the most amazing read on Scientology (eeek), and now I’m dying to see the documentary. (What Katie Didn’t Know, via

:) Sort of obsessed with these sunglasses.

:) The topic of breastfeeding makes people CRAZY. This post is so very sane (and hysterical). (Please Get Your Werther’s Original Off My Boob, via Goosecamp.)

:) I’ve written a bunch of times about the kinds of things I think are worth a splurge, and this is one. Yes, it’s a tank top, and yes, it’s expensive (and kind of insanely expensive for a tank top), but it’s also SO well-made and SO well-cut and you will wear it until it falls to pieces. So.

:) Speaking of expensive, here is a dress that is the price of a car (and a pretty nice one, at that). I don’t think you should buy it; I just think it’s funny.

:) …So I guess she was mad? (Girlfriend Allegedly Sneaks Into Funeral Home, Defaces Corpse Of Boyfriend’s Dead Ex, via Crimefeed.)

:) Apparently you’re supposed to keep your chin up. (Kim Kardashian Taught Me How To Take A Selfie, via The Cut.)

:) Inneresting! (The Fascinating Story Behind Why So Many Nail Technicians Are Vietnamese, via Yahoo News.) Related: this post on the rampant exploitation and underpayment of manicurists (The Price Of Nice Nails, via The NY Times.)

:) So we’re selling my beloved round wooden dining room table, because the dining room in the new house is long and narrow and better-suited to a rectangle. Which is sad, because I love our table, but less sad because god, are dining room tables weirdly fun to shop for. I’m into this one at the moment. (It has a top salvaged from an old fishing boat. Isn’t that neat?)

textile reupholstery fabric exotic rustic

:) I have lived in this town for three years, and only just discovered the most AMAZING shop on our Main Street selling spectacularly cool vintage finds and textiles (I bought the vintage kantha throw pictured above for an upcoming reupholstery project). They have a beautiful online boutique too, and you have to check it out (my favorites: the kantha throws, the throw beds (great for the pool or park), the John Derian decoupage trays, and MCMC’s Hunter roll-on fragrance (a Bourbon vanilla, tobacco and fir blend).

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