Present Obsession: All The Rugs In The World

I can’t own rugs.

Or…I mean, one day maybe I’ll be able to own a rug. When I have a serious, sit-down conversation with my dogs about what activities are and are not appropriate to engage in when confronted with a rug (or maybe when I suck it up and finally hire someone who knows what they’re doing to train my untrainable little disasters).

But oh god, my rug fantasies. I have so many of them. White rugs, patterned Turkish rugs, cowhide rugs, pink rugs (ooo pink rugs)…love them all. Want them all.

I dated this one guy way back in high school whose father was a famous artist, and every inch of the floor of his apartment – which had a canoe in the living room, but that’s neither here nor there – was covered with throw rugs: some small, some large, some plain, some patterned, but all sort of layered in such a way that it created one enormous, crazy wall-to-wall carpet. It was amazing.

I will never have this. Ever. (Or at least not as long as I have pets.)

But I can look, and I can dream. Oh yes.

black and white living room rug

pink rug bedroom aztec

vintage rug kitchen black floor

bedroom plants white rug palm

And my favorite purchase-able options, below. All of these are very seriously Me-Approved, and if you are possessed of the ability to have rugs in your life, please enjoy.

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