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The Dawning Of The Season Of The Sun


You know how the fact that it is FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY actual-spring (as opposed to calendar-spring, which coincided with a for-real snowstorm in my neck of the woods) makes me feel?

Like doing a little dance. (I’m dancing in that picture up there, I swear. See the jazz hand?)

To celebrate the fact that we have now completed what is, in theory, the final Real Winter of our lives – because once you have experienced Boston and New York winters you know that Northern California winters seriously don’t even count – I finally went ahead and did it:

I bought the Birkenstocks.

Last summer, when the world suddenly decided that Birkenstocks were high fashion again, I got super excited, because guess what I’d had the foresight (or perhaps laziness) to hang onto? My seventh-grade Birkenstocks. Those are some old Birkenstocks. And you better believe I wore them all summer long, but as it turns out even Birkenstocks have a finite life span, which hovers somewhere around two decades.

So: new season, new pair. (These are actually a brand-new design they just released, with the white buckles and white sole.) I’ve already worn them so much that they’ve started to do that awesome Birkenstock-y thing where they conform to the exact shape of your feet, and now I think they may never come off again. Ever. Because we’re headed to The Land Of Eternal Summer.

leather wrap beltblack birkenstocks

On Me: Helmut Lang Top; DKNY Wrap Belt; Zara Jeans; Foley & Corinna Jet Set Tote; Birkenstock Arizona SandalsDevon Leigh Cuff Bracelets; Saint Laurent Bold Sunglasses.

Below, a bunch of my favorite new sandal styles for spring, all of which are in the same vein as the Birkenstocks pictured above: sort of spare and chunky, with clean – but beautiful – lines.

And wayyyy over there on the other side of the spectrum: THESE. Not even the tiniest bit minimalist, but whatever, I love them.

P.S. Want to take a full-on Trip Back To 1997? Please look at these and these (whoooa; easy there, Miuccia).

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