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The New Neutrals

Over the winter, I rediscovered my love for black kohl eyeliner.

And while there is still SNOW on the ground (which seriously, weather: stop it), spring is officially here. And spring means lightening up everything from your home decor to your makeup…and this year the latter lightening process is proving to be especially exciting, because have you seen the new makeup out there?!

It’s gorrrrgeous.

And you know how every so often the beauty world will be all “WE REINVENTED NEUTRAL!”? And it’s all very confusing, because it basically just looks like the same “no-makeup makeup” we’ve been seeing foreva? This is an actual reinvention. Because it’s not about the absence of color; it’s about a soft wash of pale texture. It’s still simple, but a bit more “there”…and so, so pretty.

For Eyes…

OK, you have to have a pale pink shadow. I know it sounds like it would make you look sick; I promise, it won’t. If you choose a blush shade in the same family as your skin tone, it just lightens and brightens and looks simple and modern and beautiful. More shades to try right now: pale lilac and warm grey – both are great for day and night, depending on how heavy you go with the application.

And I’m a full-on winged liner addict, but what looks especially great right now is a subtler look achieved by sort of snuggling the pencil down into the upper lash-line, so you can’t even really tell there’s liner on your eyes; it just adds a touch of definition to your face. (Also mascara, obviously. Or eyelash extensions, which are still happening in my world and making me happy every. single. morning.)

For Lips…

Rose all the way. But instead of the shiny glosses and translucent stains we’ve seen in past seasons, go for a soft, understated shine. In other words, we’re talking traditional lipstick, but you’ve got to pick the right formula to get the lush look we’re going for (the brands pictured above are all phenomenal for this purpose; NARS Audacious lipstick is a personal favorite for its not-too-matte, not-too-shiny texture).

For Nails…

Pale shades are back (which is wonderful news for we Professional Chippers), but we’re not talking bridal pinks and pastels; pick a shade that’s close to your skin’s natural tone for a clean effect (that makes fingers look longer and more elegant as a bonus). And I like a slightly longer nail right now, but that’s not even in the realm of possibility for me thanks to, you know…my life. If your life allows you to grow beautiful long nails, please do, and send me photos so I can live vicariously through you.

For Face…

In the past, I’ve been into more rosy, I-just-exercised shades, but a pale pink-peach feels fresher at the moment (NARS Reckless is just about perfect). For nighttime, try adding a little of that shimmery Bobbi Brown product; it’s subtler than their cult classic Shimmer Brick, and just adds a light glow to cheeks and shoulders and browbones, and is such a pretty way to be all yay, it’s spring.

Yay. It’s spring!

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