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The Who-Knew Essential

Outside our super-cute Air BnB in DKNY Sweatpants; Zara Blazer (similar); Loeffler Randall Clutch; Steve Madden Heels

When I was hosting the DKNY event a couple of weeks ago, I saw someone buying these cashmere sweatpants. And I stared at them for a minute, thinking “Ooh those are so cute,” and then went straight to “No. They are CASHMERE SWEATPANTS. You are not allowed to own cashmere sweatpants.”

Step away from the cashmere sweatpants.

And then, because I’m contrary, I went ahead and found a pair in my size (just to try them on, just for a second, just in case), and discovered that they were massively on sale (they’re an additional 30% off of the sale price online, and for some reason even more discounted in-store). So I went ahead and bought them even though they were cashmere sweatpants, which are a fully ridiculous thing to buy.

Guess what?

Not ridiculous.

I ended up bringing them with me to California last week, and let me tell you: I wore practically nothing else the whole time I was there, because I very quickly discovered that cashmere sweatpants? Are basically the most versatile thing ever. Obviously they’re great for lounging purposes – and ooooo are they nice to fly in – but if you get the right shape (slouchy up top; skinny at the bottom) you can totally wear them out (or even to work, if you’re in an informal office) with a great pair of heels.

A few ways I wore them (and oh yes, they were totally disgusting by week’s end; they’re presently sitting in a Dryel bag, don’t worry):

  • On the plane, with a big sweater, cozy socks and white Converse;
  • Wandering around Berkeley, with wedge sneakers and a loose black silk blouse;
  • Out to dinner, with simple black heels and an oversized white t-shirt tucked in at the front;
  • Out to dinner again, with a navy blazer and a snakeskin clutch (pictured above).

Love them; think you should own them.

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