It’s Springtime, Baby

This photo has nothing to do with anything other than that it’s baby-related, and the easiest DIY in the world (just a dreamcatcher, basically, except turned on its side), and I totally wish I had made one for our daughter’s crib (not making one at this particular point in time; I have the feeling that delicate webs dripping with feathers might not travel especially well, and we have some serious traveling happening this summer).

Anyway, babies.



Our daughter is basically a very short Amazon; she’s way up there in the ninety-somethingth percentile for her height, and is apparently in the middle of a growth spurt, because nothing in her dresser fits her. Which is unfortunate, because I’m all attached to every single thing I’ve ever bought for her, but also…

you know…


Because you know what’s in stores right now? The cutest baby clothing in the whole wide world. Spring babies, man. #slain

Above, a few things I picked up on my springtime baby shopping spree yesterday, and a few things I wish I woulda. (There’s boys and girls stuff in there, so as not to discriminate, and also because I have quite the thing for baby boy clothing. And please please please click all the way through to the end so you can see Goldie’s Easter dress, because it is ADORBS. So adorbs that I just wrote “adorbs,” which is something I swore I’d never do, but there you go.)

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