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How To Keep Your Duvet From Shifting

Q. Hi Jordan! Do you have any recs on keeping a duvet taut and tied tight to the comforter? It drives me so nuts! – Mackie

A. It drives me nuts, too.


needle threat sewing

What You Need:

Have needle? Have thread? Have a little sturdy ribbon or fabric tape?


keep your duvet cover in place

What You Do:

Some duvet covers come with this little trick built-in, but if yours doesn’t, it’s so easy to recreate.

Cut four 5″ pieces of your ribbon (or fabric tape, or whatever you have)

Sew one piece to each inside corner of the duvet cover, then tie the ribbon around the edges of the comforter (turn the duvet cover inside out and tie on the corners furthest away from the opening of the duvet cover first, then flip it right-side out so that the comforter is inside the cover before tying the corners nearest to the opening).

One Caveat: This will create little lumps in each corner, so if your duvet is made of thin fabric you might not love the way this looks.

Simple Fix: Tie another 5″ piece of ribbon or fabric tape to each corner of the comforter itself, and then secure the duvet by tying the ribbons you’ve affixed to the duvet cover to the ribbons you’ve affixed to the comforter.

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