This Is Today

You know when you are delicately toeing the line between feeling totally a-OK and maybe having the bubonic plague, and the difference between one state and the other, is, like, half an hour of sleep, or maybe a vitamin?

Well, when you are feeling that way, here is what I suggest that you not do: go out until one in the morning, drink really quite a lot of champagne, and then wake up with your children at…oh god, I don’t even know when they’re waking up these days. ALL THE TIME. All the time is when they’re waking up.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 12.08.01 PM

black bustier

leopard midi

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 12.07.45 PM

leopard dress

On Me: Zara Leopard Dress (on mayjah sale); Collar Necklace ℅ J.Crew; Kenzo Clutch.

So remember how I was all torn about what to do on Saturday night for Valentine’s Day? We did end up deciding to go out. I woke up on Saturday morning feeling a tiny bit sniffly but downed a whole bunch of green tea at lunch, and was like, oh, I’m toooootally fine, I feel great, let’s do it! Woooooooo!

And so we went out with our friends E (pictured above; isn’t her outfit AMAZING? – ay yai, that ear cuff) and L and watched burlesque and drank the aforementioned champagne and ate sushi, and I did feel pretty great, actually (mostly because of the leopard dress, because it’s very hard to wear a leopard dress and not feel pretty great), and then, the next day?

Less great.

And today?

Bubonic plague.

Anyway, this is what the world looks like chez moi at the present moment.

Sick Day Survival Kit

Clockwise from top left: Scarf; Glasses; Sweatshirt; Juice/Water Containers; Monogram Mugs; Candle; Blanket; Lucy (not for sale); Sweatpants.

(It’s actually pretty fun.)

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