Et Cetera Ad Infinitum And I Can’t


I am now officially completely overwhelmed by the logistical issues associated with a cross-country move.

The sale of one house, the purchase of another. The sale of one car, the purchase of another. The booking of flights to search for a place to live, and the booking of car rentals and AirBnBs for said search. The filling out of the tens of thousands of forms that you apparently must fill out when you move four human lives three thousand miles, all of which appear to be written in Chinese. And et cetera ad infinitum.

The dogs broke me.

Look at my cute little problems.

Because I’m trying to take things one day at a time, and today is the day when I research the logistics of our cross-country drive (which we are extremely determined to make happen; this feels like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity)…and I started calling around to RV companies to get price quotes…

And then I started wondering: how does one actually…do anything other than be in an RV if one is in an RV? How, for example, does one go to a restaurant? Or a museum? Or anywhere that isn’t…you know…a campground? Maybe these are ridiculous questions, but this is a totally foreign thing to me, so…I just don’t know.

And so I started thinking that maybe it would be a better idea to just drive our car cross-country, which would have the added bonus of taking away the burden of figuring out a way to ship the thing (because apparently our station wagon is too heavy to hook to the back of a camper). Sure, it’d be cramped, but all of us are used to long drives (and like them), and doing this would make us way more flexible.

And then all of a sudden I realized:

the dogs.

Because it’s one thing to drive across the country in a Subaru Outback with two kids; adding two dogs to the mix is not happening both because it vastly complicates the “finding places to eat and sleep” thing, and also because…I don’t know. It just doesn’t sound like a very good plan.

Anyway, I am now completely stuck on this one stupid issue which is super, super small in comparison to the zillions of other issues I have to wrestle into submission over the coming months, but I can’t get past it.

I’m also aware that I’m going to figure out how to get those dogs across the country safely and (relatively) happily, just like I’m going to figure out a place for us to live and a way to transfer our medical records that actually gets them transferred as opposed to listening to a very nice administrator tell me “Oh, we’re faxing them over today!” (which is a virtual guarantee that said records will not only not get faxed, but will actually disappear into a black hole, never to be seen again) and a way to sell Kendrick’s car at the exact moment in time that enables him to get to Yale for graduation but still gets the thing off of our property before we take off just a few days later. All of this is going to happen, because it has to. I’ll figure it out. I know that. I also know that this is an exciting time in our life, and that as problems go this is not an especially bad one to have.

But today?

Today I can’t do it. I cannot figure out one single more thing.

Suggestions? Virtual hugs? Head pats? I’ll take ’em all.

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