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Bleached Out


isn’t this kind of the best color ever? I mean sure, the roots would show about thirty seconds after you left the salon, but I feel like that rough-around-the-edges effect is sort of okay (and also sort of the point) with this kind of color.

My friend E, who has very, very dark hair and has never touched it with even a single snippet of hair dye, was recently telling me that she wants to go platinum blonde and I was all DON’T DO IT (because I am not one of those people with a naturally beautiful hair shade and feel like those who don’t have to dye their hair should revel in that particular blessing)…but now I think I may be eating Ye Olde Words. Because I totally want to go full-on platinum. I also recognize that it would kind of destroy my hair, but now that it’s short there’s a whole lot less of it to destroy…so…


(My phone is about to ring with my mother saying “JORDAN DON’T YOU DARE.”)


P.S. Remember my red hair obsession? This is what I wanted (and did not exactly get, and by “not exactly” I mean “not”). I acknowledge that I will never have hair this color (because it’s WAYYY too much of a commitment for my lifestyle), and that is okay, but I just wanted to show you because: amazing.

(Check out my Pinterest board for more hair inspiration or just because looking at pretty hair is always fun.)

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