A Question For The San Franciscans Among You…

OK, the point in time during which I need to ask your advice on many, many moving-across-the-country-related matters has officially commenced, and it starts with this:

Where should we move?

It’s obviously way too early to start looking at rental properties (which you tend to find a month or two out; the properties that are available now almost certainly won’t be the same ones that are available in June), but I have a daily alert set up so that I can spend the coming months familiarizing myself with what’s out there so that I’m as well-informed as possible when it comes time to pull the trigger…and I want to make sure I’m focusing on the right spots.

So here’s my question: Kendrick will be working in Campbell (South Bay, by West San Jose), and I want to make his commute as minimal as possible so that we can maximize family time, because that was a huge part of why last summer was so wonderful. I did a lot of neighborhood-scouting while we were there, and loved Saratoga and Los Gatos, and have heard that we should look at the Niles District in Fremont, Cambrian, and Almaden…but I’d be so grateful for more suggestions.

What I’d like to find, in no particular order:

– Short commute for Kendrick (meaning no further than 20 minutes from Campbell)

– Cute downtown area (points for quaintness)

– An excellent school system (this is a big one – maybe the biggest one – because it would be nice to stay in the same area that we rent in once we start thinking about buying)


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