Easy Storage Solution: Quilted Koala

I hate clutter. We know this.

But kids are basically little clutter machines (the ten bajagillion legos scattered throughout my household will be the death of me…and I mean that literally, because I step on them and slip on them and practically catapult down stairways because of them on a daily basis). I love having our attic space for my son to play in (and destroy), but we still need to keep an assortment of toys in the living room/dining room area of our house, because that’s where we spend about 99% of our time.

But this? Is not okay with me.

It makes me insane.

So. I’ve been meaning to figure out a better way to organize toys (and books, and Wii games, and papers, and everything else in our life that seems to multiply like Mogwais every time I turn around), and these boxes – which come in a bunch of different sizes – are a great solution: they’re pretty, and sturdy, and feel more like “decor” than “storage.”

play area before


quilted koala


toys before


quilted koala storage

After! (With Lucy photobomb; she must immediately get into any box or bag that she sees.)

quilted koala boxes


(If you’d like some of your own, you can get 20% off of your order using promo code RG20.)

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