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:) I made this pie for my in-laws’ visit this weekend. It is delicious (or at least it looks delicious; I am willing myself to leave it intact until their arrival). P.S. Can you tell I’m sort of into mint green kitchen stuff? If you are too, you can get that pie stand here and the Kitchenaid mixer in that amazing color here (it’s called “Pistachio Green”).

:) These booties are a perfect fall buy: they work for everyday but are interesting enough to stand out in a crowd. Also well-priced. Win!

:) Pregnant-lady Halloween costumes, whee!

:) I mean, obviously Zac Posen makes cool bags. But this is even cooler than I expected. Oversized tassels FTW.

:) Find out how long you would last in a horror movie by taking this quiz. (I would die first. This is completely unsurprising.)

:) This moon-and-star necklace is so, so pretty, and would make such a lovely present for a special occasion (push present, big birthday, anniversary, et cetera).

:) 13 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do At Disneyland. Cool.


:) Adorable birthstone necklaces for an excellent price.

:) I would live in this sweater. And for that price, I better. (On the hunt for a less expensive version; if you have any suggestions let me know!)

:) Real life isn’t in black-and-white…and these colorized photos from the era of black-and-white photography show us what life back then really looked like.

:) “A dead place full of people so tired and overworked they don’t remember what it feels like to feel good.” That’s a pretty intense perspective on the present state of New York City living – and makes for an interesting read. (Why I Got Out Of New York City.)


:) Very into the judicious use of pink in home decor lately (like that rug, which I would own if my dogs permitted me to own rugs, which they do not). Check out my new Interiors Pinterest board here (or follow RG on Pinterest by clicking here).

:) 10 Halloween Costumes That Everyone Has Worn. I’ve got ’em all covered, from ghost (specifically, a dead bride just for extra morbidity points) to Celebrity (Kate Moss; Kendrick was Pete Doherty that year)…except I have never dressed up as an Old Hollywood Icon. This seems odd, except I also dressed up as a house one year (age three), so perhaps that explains things.

:) I have Googled many strange things since becoming a parent, but have never (yet) wondered whether my child is dishwasher safe. Apparently I am in the minority. (10 Troubling Questions People Are Asking Google About Their Babies.)

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