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Weird Product Test-Run: Glo Personal Teeth Whitening Device

Over the course of my years writing about beauty products, I’ve tried some weird ones. Décolletage masks. Hairy gels. Oils of all kinds.

This one is the weirdest.

You should probably see it for yourself.

glo tooth whitening


So what is this crazy thing plugged into my head? That would be a tooth whitening system.

The point of the Glo is to let you whiten your teeth – an average of five shades in five days – in the comfort of your own house without the associated sensitivity that often comes along with those tray-and-gel systems. As a nice side effect, it also lets you send extremely creepy photos to your husband with the caption “This is what I do when you are not home.”

How it works: You put a thin layer of the balm that comes in the kit on your lips (inside and out, to prevent sensitivity), then apply the whitening gel to your teeth, put in the mouthpiece, and turn on the thing that looks like an iPod. The iPod glows blue for eight minutes (delivering light and heat to accelerate the whitening gel), then turns off. Then you just rinse the mouthpiece and repeat the process three more times (for a total of four 8-minute sessions, all in a row).


  • No sensitivity (or at least I didn’t experience any)
  • Relatively affordable, as tooth whitening treatments go (you can get up to four separate treatments out of the starter kit)
  • Portable (you can move around the house while you whiten, because the system is hands-free and hangs around your neck)
  • Quick (pretty much anyone can find 32 minutes a day to do this)


  • You really do look like an alien and may or may not destroy any lingering mystery that exists in your domestic partnership
  • You literally cannot speak without removing the device from your mouth, making it hard to answer when your child spots you coming out of the bathroom, gets a horror-stricken expression on his face, and says “Mommy WHAT IS THAT?”
glo before


glo after


Results: See for yourself (I did my best to keep the lighting consistent; apologies if it’s slightly off). I think it’s a pretty good result – this is with a five-day course, but next time I’ll probably go the full ten just because…well, I’ve got me some big teeth, and a feature that prominent should probably be kept in as decent shape as possible.

(Pick up the Glo for yourself here.)

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