Boots and boots and boots

Citybound in Ann Taylor jacket; Nine West boots. (I am aware I own too many purses.)

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 10.19.58 AM

I forgot I owned these boots. I bought them at Nine West years ago, when we still lived in the city, and wore them into the ground, and then they went into our attic one summer and disappeared behind a box, only to be rediscovered when I was clearing stuff out for our yard sale.

God, they are good boots. (And are falling apart a bit, but they’re on their way to the shoe guy this week, because they’re good enough to merit some TLC.)

Apparently the rest of the population agrees with this assessment, because when I spoke on a panel at yesterday’s Fashion Forward event (with Style & Pepper and Eye4Style, both lovely ladies with some fantastic insights to share) at least ten people came up to me afterwards to ask about them. And then I got stopped on the street about them. A lot. And then I posted this picture on Instagram and got more questions about them.

So we can all agree: they are good boots.

They are not, alas, still available. But I think what’s good about them are two things: 1) that stacked heel; and 2) that ’70s-inspired straight-leg cut, where there’s no indentation between the heel and the upper half of the boot.

Yes? Yes.

So let’s look at some similar options, shall we?

Good boots.

And finally, just because we’re talking about boots…


I don’t even understand how amazing these are. Perhaps I can justify the expense by saying that I will also snuggle up with them at night? Because I will. I promise.

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