Mini Bathroom Makeover: Five Small Changes That Make A Big Difference

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When I painted my bathroom a few months ago, I wasn’t especially thrilled with the results. The two-tone grey walls were pretty, but felt…blah. So I presented myself with a little challenge: find a handful of quick, easy (and affordable) ways to update my bathroom and add the personality and touch of luxury it needed.

pretty bathroom

Much better.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 12.36.28 PMTemp2O™ Handshower

1. Swap Out Your Showerhead

I’ve lived in many, many rental apartments with so-so showerheads, and let me tell you: a good one makes a huge difference. Pictured here: the Temp2O™ Handshower and Showerhead, which uses easy-to-read visual indicators to tell you the temperature of the water before you get in (this is especially great for kids, as it’ll let you know if the water is too hot).

The showerhead also features spray holes that clean with the touch of a finger and a WaterSense showerhead that has six spray settings (including drenching spray and shampoo with massage, ooh) but allows you to save 20% more water than the industry standard. Just a couple of minutes to install, and there you go: a more luxurious showering experience every single morning.

statement mirror

2. Striking Statement Piece

In a small space like a bathroom, you don’t need much to make a major statement: bringing in a single striking decorative element can instantly transform the room from boring to bold. A mirror is an especially great pick for a strong central piece because it reflects light, so the eye is naturally drawn to it: just look for a dramatic style with an interesting shape or a bright color (or, in this case, both).

(If you’re in the market for a new bathroom mirror, check out the styles available on THD Home Decorators Collection here; I especially like this one.)

herbs in bathroom

3. Add A Little Life

Even a small plant immediately brightens up a space, adding a sense of movement and life. In a bathroom, go for a succulent (click here for some pretty and affordable options), which doesn’t require much in the way of care or light, or add a hint of fresh scent with a few sprigs of herbs (pictured here: chocolate mint) in a pretty vase.

bathroom storage

4. Look For Stylish Storage

Just because storage is practical doesn’t mean it has to be boring. To keep bath toys, toilet paper rolls and other necessities off the floor and out of the way, look for a unique box or basket (click here for lots of ideas; I especially like these stackable crates with chalkboard insets). Go for a space-maximizing square shape, and if you’re going to be storing wet items make sure that the piece you choose has sufficient drainage.

turkish towels

hand soap

bathroom accessories

5. Luxe Additions

Final touch: a few elements that are just a little prettier than they “have” to be: decadent Turkish towels with stripes and fringe, a chic dispenser with hand soap in your favorite scent, and a couple of gorgeous perfume bottles that add some femininity and glam are all easy ways to make your bathroom feel like a place you’ll never want to leave. (Click here for lots of ideas for luxe little touches to spruce up your space.)

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