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Crazy Pants

You know that piece hanging around your closet that’s completely fabulous, and that you never, ever wear because you can’t figure out for the life of you how to wear it? And even if you did…you have nowhere to wear it to?

For me, that’s these leather pants. I mean, they’re skintight. And high-waisted. And BLUE. All of these qualities make them not exactly the kind of thing I reach for on your average Tuesday. But since I haven’t been getting out much lately (newborn, et cetera), I’ve been taking every chance I have to actually get dressed to really get dressed. The kind of “get dressed” that just may involve skintight, high-waisted, blue leather pants.

And something else I’ve learned about those weird pieces that feel unwearable: you have to just wear them. Just put them on, acknowledge that you might get a few stares, and get over it. I wasn’t sure quite what to wear with these pants…but then I came across a leotard in my drawer that I think last saw the light of day when I was in high school, and thought “Hmm. That’s a little Olivia Newton John-y.


kipling black tote

kipling tote

And so this is how I wore them for a daytime event with Kipling: with the aforementioned leotard, plus a white blazer just so that I didn’t get too many what-is-she-wearing looks on the MetroNorth, and a graphic tote to pull the look together. Best part: once night started to fall, all I had to do was lose the blazer and add a fanny pack (I mean, obviously), and:

blue leather pants

kipling bag


On Me: Supertrash Leather Pants (similar); Danskin Leotard; Ann Taylor Blazer; Steve Madden Heels; John Varvatos Men’s Sunglasses; Kipling Tote and Crossbody Bag (worn as a fanny pack).

Photos by Bek Andersen.

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