If A Bathtub Were An Aging Rock Star…

We have no bathtub.

Or rather we do have a bathtub…but it’s in the bathroom located midway between the first floor and the basement. It’s actually a pretty room, but it is also the room in our home where the spricket situation is most concentrated, and is therefore A Place I Do Not Go Without A Very Good Reason.

What that means for our child-bathing situation is that my son is still bathing in the same tub that he took baths in as a baby. It’s fairly enormous as infant baths go – it fills our entire shower stall – but still: not ideal. Problem number two is that this bathtub isn’t actually very good for a for-real infant…it’s so big that it doesn’t provide a ton of support until they’re at the sit-up-on-their-own stage.

In any case, one of the purchases we knew we were going to have to make was an infant tub that would allow us to bathe Goldie in the kitchen sink (which has lots of handy counter space nearby). And what we now have is – and I do not exaggerate, here – THE COOLEST INFANT TUB IN THE WORLD. If infant tubs were aging rock stars, this one would be Steven Tyler. And you know how I feel about Steven Tyler.

See? Cool.

It’s from the same company that makesd the space egg, so the coolness wasn’t entirely surprising, but still: ugh, so cool. (The company sent over the tub for me to test out, but I’m under zero obligation to write about it…although I suspect they knew I would, because it’s just too cool not to tell people about.) It has drains that let you keep a constant stream of clean water flowing over the baby and a clean water receptacle for dipping the rinse cup into, but the best part? The temperature gauge that basically yells at you if the water is too hot or too cold (and glows a lovely peaceful green when you’re in the ideal baby temperature range).

I love this. This eliminates so much well-it-feels-okay-to-me-but-is-it-too-hot-for-the-baby? anxiety.

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