My Looks


Before I start, let me say that this is not an outfit that I wore in my “real” life, as it were – it’s what I put together to wear to the Renaissance Faire last weekend. I started out in this crazy long robe-ish thing, and then realized that wearing what amounts to a cream-colored ball gown to cavort around in a big, dusty field full of people waving swords and goblets of beer and CAMELS, for god’s sake, is a fairly obvious disaster waiting to happen…and decided that flowers and a leather headband and a whole bunch of jangly jewelry were Renaissance Faire-y enough to make me feel like I was participating without heading into the wildly-uncomfortable-seeming territory of corsets and full skirts and such.

So this isn’t exactly an outfit; it’s more of a “costume.”

But maybe…it shouldn’t be? I mean, it doesn’t look too far away from what I wear on any old day…and I felt so good in this. Comfortable and happy and free. And also sort of like a Robin Wright’s character in Forrest Gump, which is never a bad thing.

In any case, Kendrick has issued a formal request that I start dressing like this more often, and I think I agree: the more fringe in your life, the better.

fall floral

fringe bag

fall floral dress

On Me: dRA Floral Dress; Foley & Corinna Purse; Sunday Somewhere Sunglasses; Nine West Vintage America Booties (similar styles); Swati Jr* Earrings and Necklace; Vintage Leather Belt (worn as headband).

(The dress I’m wearing here isn’t available anymore, but above are some other extremely cute floral styles for fall.)

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