How To: Organize Your Scarf Collection

Q. OK , so I have about 262,728 scarves…how in god’s name do I store them?! They’re always a mess on my closet floor! Help!

Olivia (via Twitter)

A. Ah, one of my favorite topics: excessive accessory ownership!

I also have too many scarves. And I also have given a good deal of thought to how to organize them in a way that doesn’t make me nuts but still keeps them easily accessible (because, in my experience, a tucked-out-of-sight accessory is an accessory that might as well be donated, for all the use you get out of it).

What I do: store off-season scarves in an under-bed storage bag (the Container Store sells good ones; go for the pricier versions, as the inexpensive ones do tend to rip over time if you’re opening and closing them quite a bit), and keep seasonal ones hung on a space-saving rack like this. In the past, I’ve also stored scarves on the pretty coat rack that I currently use to display my handbags, and on a DIY-ed wood-and-crystal-knob rack that I made for a JITH segment on jewelry organization (click here to check it out).

organizing scarves

If you’d like to try DIY-ing a storage solution, here’s an idea: hang a whole bunch of shower rings on a hanger or towel rack, and tuck a scarf through each ring. If you find that all the rings slide off to one side, try tying them onto the hanger with twine or twist-ties.

diy wood hanger scarf rack

Or, if you’re looking for something a little more rustic and have some driftwood laying around…here’s an idea. Cool, right?

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