Mini-Indulgence: So Many Scarves

{ Anthropologie tunic dress (majorly on sale right now); LAGOS Voyage pendant ℅ }

My favorite find from last weekend’s trip to Carmel: a $9 scarf that I suspect will end up coming out to about 1 cent per wear in the coming months. Aren’t those colors gorgeous?!

You know what’s one item that makes most mother’s Must-Have Lists, but that I didn’t buy the first time around and don’t plan on buying this time, either? A breast-feeding cover. It just feels like one more thing to have to carry around in an already-overstuffed diaper bag. And besides: I figure why buy a special (and probably overpriced) product when the scarf I already have looped around my neck will do just as nicely…and probably be prettier and not covered with sheep and such?

I obviously haven’t been doing a ton of shopping while I’m out here since everything I pick up is just one more thing I have to carry back home (on a cross-country trip with both a toddler and an infant; let’s not even talk yet about what that flight is going to involve, because I’m doing the willfull-ignorance thing for the time being)…but scarves are fun to hunt for in thrift stores and at flea markets, and take up next-to-no room in luggage, and make even the most basic t-shirt and jeans feel like an outfit, and so they’re something I tend to pick up whenever I come across one that’s especially pretty.

Just for fun, a few scarf finds for you. (The ones I’m into right now are oversized and fringed or tasseled, with light base shades and colorful patterns, and the first one pictured is my by-far favorite – it’s huge – big enough to wear as a shawl to weddings and such – and has the most amazing pattern.)

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