Keep Your Luggage Fresh (And More Weird And Cool Uses For Dryer Sheets)

Just a little travel hack for those of you with places to go in the coming weeks:

You know that not-so-hot, musty smell that your luggage (and its contents) tends to sport upon arriving at its destination? Here’s an easy fix: just toss a dryer sheet or three into your bag; when you get to your hotel, your clothing will be infused with a light, fresh scent.

(And speaking of fresh scents and travel: always make sure to pack a couple of odor-proof trash bags; these are great for separating dirty clothing from the clean stuff for the return trip, so you can minimize the amount of laundry you need to do upon arriving home.)

dryer sheet

(Evidence that I really do the dryer sheet thing, above.)


While we’re at it, a few more odd (and, I think, quite awesome) uses for dryer sheets, because they are tiny miracles:

– Set them in between folded sheets and towels in your linen cabinet.

– Slide them into your gym sneakers to zap odor.

– Place a few in storage bags containing off-season clothing, camping equipment, or other things that will be packed away for months on end.

– If you have static cling, rub a dryer sheet across the offending item to make it hang loose.

– Run a dryer sheet over your upholstery to remove pesky pet hair (and add a little freshness, to boot).

– Tuck them into your car seats to freshen your vehicle’s interior.

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