It’s Packing Time! (What I’m Bringing To The Hospital)

We had a middle-of-the-night maybe-we-should-go-to-the-hospital episode a few days ago. Which ended up being nothing, but which also means: time to pack that bag, just in case.

So: let’s talk what to bring along for the big trip.

The first time we did this, I made crazy-detailed lists on my phone of every single item I thought I might need to bring to the hospital. I still have these lists stored in my phone, and it’s very cute that I thought I would absolutely require things like birthing balls and massage oils and photographs “to make me feel at home” (that is what iPhone libraries are for; also you’ll be home soon and you are not going to forget you are in a hospital because Nana’s face is there on the wall).

What I actually needed was something mindless to read/watch, lip balm, and All Of The Chargers. List: revised.

Here’s what I’m bringing.

First, the bag. This bag is perfection, and you should probably own it even if you don’t have a multi-day hospital trip in your future. It’s pretty and bright and stands out on a conveyor belt, but it also holds way more than it looks like it does (I managed to fit all of my son’s stuff – toys included – for two months into it) and has a nice handy rolling thing, so it has the look of a tote but is super easy to get around with.

hospital bag

Now, the stuff.

Clockwise from far left:

1. A Gift For Indy From His Little Sister. Something small, but guaranteed to be a hit, and guaranteed to keep him occupied if he bores of checking out the baby during his hospital visit (we went for a selection of figures from one of his favorite movies, Cars).

2. Lightweight, comfortable flip-flops (these have translucent straps, so they’re cute, too).

3. Sunglasses, for my presumably tired eyes on the trip back home.

4. I’m not bringing my own nightgown to give birth in – I wanted to the first time, but skipped it because my mother insisted it was a crazy thing to do, and she was right: you really, seriously, do not care what you’re wearing when you are giving birth. But for afterward I definitely want a cozy (and pretty enough for zillions of photos) pair of pajamas, plus some yoga pants and a comfortable (long-sleeved) shirt – I stole one of Kendrick’s Yale shirts – for when guests come by. (I sort of wish I had bought a new pair of pajamas because new PJs are always fun, but ehhhh, whatever.)

5. Comfortable, loose clothing for the trip home (I chose a lightweight Splendid sweater and AG Secret Belly Fit jeans – because even though they don’t look maternity at all, I suspect the support will still feel nice). I’m also bringing along a pair of cropped leggings in case it’s ten thousand degrees and I don’t feel like pouring myself into jeans, which is always (very) possible.

6. A change of clothing for Kendrick.

7. Lollipops for my son, because there are few things on the planet he likes more.

8. An iPad, obbbbviously, because there may not be downtime, but there also may be quite a lot of it. I’m going to pre-load it with a few stand-up specials (I’m thinking Louis C.K. and Amy Schumer) for us to watch together while we wait for things to get going.

9. Simple Skincare Cleansing Facial Wipes, for freshening up if I can’t (or don’t want to) get to a sink.

10. A little makeup (MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation, waterproof mascara, tinted lip balm, and waterproof liquid liner because I’m crazy like that and may want to feel like myself for our going-home trip, you never know).

11. Baby book, so Kendrick can write in it while we’re waiting (he did this last time, and it’s the sweetest thing ever), and so we can have the baby’s footprints stamped right into it.

12. Clothing to bring Goldie home in (I went for a Baby Gap flutter-sleeve jumper, plus a little pink hat and little pink socks, although I am strongly considering revising to this, because aww). P.S. I brought way too much baby clothing with me out here.

13. Toiletries, including travel-sized shampoo and conditioner (even though I can’t imagine wanting to wash my hair at the hospital, I guess there’s always the chance), mouthwash, and extra hair ties.

Not pictured: The baby blanket that I am still (still!) finishing up, insurance documents, a camera, my laptop, nursing bra(s), underwear (so I don’t have to wear the attractive mesh netting that they give you), deodorant, and All Of The Chargers.

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