2 Months, 2 Suitcases


(The Samsonite one is for my stuff, the Deux Lux striped rolling bag is for Indy’s stuff, and will double as my hospital bag).

The plan was to start packing at the start of this week, but this little blip proved slightly time-consuming and prevented me from doing it until…today. Which is actually fine, considering that only about ten things in my closet actually fit me, so it’s not like I have zillions of options to choose from. Still, getting two months’ worth of my stuff into a single suitcase (the other one is already filled with clothing and toys for my son) is…a challenge.


Mostly the shoe thing. I mean…I guess this is all I have room for, plus the flip-flops I’ll wear on the plane. I was going to pretend that I was going to to actually utilize the workout room in our complex and bring a pair of sneakers, but let’s get real: it’s not going to happen. I’d rather bring an extra pair of something that will actually emerge from my suitcase and get worn.

Like silver pumps. Which are sitting next to my bed while I try to smash everything else down to make room for them.

(One plus: it’s summer and will still be summer when we come back home, so I don’t have to bring anything bulky, like boots or sweaters. Mostly I’m just carting out some shorts, a whole bunch of t-shirts, and a few silky blouses and dresses to put on when I want to feel like a non-schlub. And a hat, because nothing makes me happy like a good hat.)

The big reason I’m not especially stressed about packing, though, is this:


It’s what I do every single time I take a trip anywhere, and it is crazy helpful when it comes to remembering to bring everything you need.

About two weeks before I’m scheduled to leave, I start a note on my phone, and every single time something that I’ll want or need to bring (no matter how trivial) occurs to me, it goes immediately onto the list. Then, as I’m packing, I check off the items, and then do a final review of the list the morning I leave to make sure I have everything on it ready to go.

Slightly obsessive, maybe, but it works.

P.S. If you’re wondering, “Toothless” refers to the character from How To Train Your Dragon that will be Indy’s on-the-plane surprise toy and that I am hoping will (in tandem with my beloved iPad) provide me with a good six hours of peace and Kindle-ing en route to SF.

P.P.S. Speaking of that Kindle, I just downloaded Doctor SleepAll Fall DownI Like You Just The Way I Am, and I Don’t Know Where You Know Me From, but would love more suggestions, if you have any!

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