The P-sh Present

I hate the term “push present.” So much that I found it unbearable to type into the title of this post unless I put a little dash in there. It gives me the icks, what I can I say?

It’s just so unnecessarily…evocative. I do not want to think about pushing. Not until I actually have to do it, and then I’d really rather not think about it either. I love how everyone says “Oh, you forget about the pain a few months after you have your child; that’s what makes it possible for you to have another one.” Nope. I want to have another child for lots of reasons, but “because I’ve forgotten the pain” is not among them. I remember the pain extremely well.

(I also want to send a little shout-out “you’re sweet, thank you” to all the second-time moms I’ve spoken to lately who have assured me that “Oh no, it’s so much easier the second time…much quicker and much less painful.” I am fairly certain that all of you are lying and just trying to make me less freaked out, but the sentiment is appreciated, and I’m happy to indulge in a little fantasy.)

Anyway, not a fan of the term “push present.” And my honest opinion is that while push presents are certainly nice if they’re super-important to you or if your partner really wants to get you something…they’re not really necessary. I mean, the birth of a new child comes with a lot of (mostly extraneous) acquisition, and both times around I’ve sort of felt like my Want A New And Pretty Thing To Celebrate Baby impulse has been satisfied about a zillion times over by things like infant-sized silver sandals and cute crib sheets that we all know aren’t actually  for the baby (who does not care one little bit about metallics or chevron), but are rather – let’s get real – for me.

At this particular moment, if we’re going to buy something that we don’t really “need,” I’d kind of rather it be a new baby carrier than a new purse. You know?

That said: Mother’s Day meets my birthday meets our sixth anniversary meets the birth of our second child this summer, and while we’re spending enough money on this temporary move that I specifically asked Kendrick to skip any pricey presents he might be thinking about…I’m kind of in love with and all moony about the surprise he gave me anyway.

ariel gordon ring

dual birthstone ring

(This is an Ariel Gordon Dual Birthstone Ring; if you don’t have kids or just want two stones in the same color the Dual Diamond Ring is equally gorgeous and special-occasion-worthy.)

P.S. If you’re in the market for a commemorative-type baby gift, you also might want to check out Charm Co’s selection of Mom & Baby charms – they’re adorable. And chic.

Illustration: Caroline Papadato.

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