Farmer’s Market Road Trip

Yum yum yum.

(That berry box is porcelain and can be used for jewelry, et cetera; how cute is that?!)

farmers market scallions

Came home with some of these.

jordan reid farmers market

At the Welch’s fruit stand, playing farmer. 

(Sunday Somewhere sunglasses.)

Weekend road trip destination: the Farmer’s Market in Roslindale, MA (just south of Boston). Despite having lived in Cambridge for four years I have a surprisingly iffy grasp of the greater Boston area (and have never even heard of Roslindale, let alone been there), so it was a lovely opportunity to do a little new-place road-tripping.

Why we were there: to celebrate the release of Farmer’s Pick by Welch’s. I spent most of my time obsessing over the Mango juice – it’s 100% unfiltered juice, with zero added sugar, and basically allows you to feel like you’re eating liquid mangos all year ’round, as opposed to for the three seconds when they’re in season. This is a very good thing.

(The juice also comes in Concord Grape and Blackberry flavors, FYI – also cold kettle batched with no artificial anything included; just juice.)

fresh herbs

Also came home with a couple of these.

sandwich poster

Wilding-Davis handmade letterpress signs.

welchs strawberry spread

Welch’s Farmer’s Pick Strawberry Spread (100% fruit, no corn syrup).

strawberry basil ice cream

Strawberry-Basil ice cream at South End Buttery.

kendrick in boston

These guys are my favorites.

After we finished up at the Farmer’s Market, it was off to the South End, another place that I have never before been in my life (so weird; I know).

I asked you guys for recommendations, and oh my goodness you are good: we had banana-chocolate-chip pancakes (and Strawberry-Basil ice cream) at the South End Buttery, checked out the shops, and very nearly spent way too much money on candied violets, of all things, at South End Formaggio. I resisted, because there are literally no occasions in my life for which I can use candied violets…but just barely.

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