Just hit my third trimester today. I thought it was a couple of weeks ago, because Math Is Hard, but my weekly BabyCenter email just informed me that nope: today.

You guys. I am so tired. I had forgotten this minor aspect of the third trimester.

Like full-body, please let me sleep all day and every day for eva and eva tired. Cannot full form sentences tired (which is not an especially ideal situation for a person who theoretically must form sentences for a living).

(And not because I’m not sleeping: I totally am.)

You know how babies’ faces get red when they’re tired? Mine does too. And right now it is purple. My hair is pretty amazing, as well.

Sitting in my attic, 

doing my best impression of the Xenomorph in Alien because: purple.

Right now I am sitting in my attic (because that’s where my printer is now that my office has been officially co-opted by the nursery) printing out book pages to proofread, and printing is making me tired.

Printing entails pushing a button that says “print.”

This is not hard. And yet it is making me need a nap.

Oh dear. Oh, baby.

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