On My Own

8AM Happy Face

I JUST woke up.

Oh my god that felt good.

Last night was my very first night completely on my own since we moved into this house. Kendrick and Indy drove to Ohio for a few days to visit Kendrick’s family, and I stayed behind so I could spend a few days doing a mini-writer’s retreat (which I always pictured as being a cabin sitting on a brook somewhere, but in my case is…my couch. Which is fine, albeit slightly less atmospheric).

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 5.57.34 PM

Google Hangouts with two-year-olds are pretty cute.

Kendrick told me to view these few days as “a vacation”, which isn’t quite right: I mean, I’m not exactly drinking pina coladas in a lounge chair; I’m working. And besides, the part of the day when I get to be with them is my favorite part, not the part I need a “vacation” from. But…I see what he meant now. I did cry when they drove away, and I was all prepared to spend four days sort of lonely and miserable, but is this a vacation?


Last night I wrote straight until 8:30P.M., without having to take breaks to make dinner/assemble lunchboxes/read stories/give a bath. I love doing those things, but having them removed from the scope of Stuff On My Mind for a second? Completely bizarre, and sort of wonderful. I literally lost track of time. I haven’t “lost track” of anything – let alone what time it is – in about three years.

And then! I stayed up until ELEVEN to watch the entire Bachelorette premiere (eh), because I could go to sleep knowing that there would be no 6AM pattering of tiny feet. I miss the feet. They’re so cute. But it was also kind of amazing to let my eyes open not because it was orange juice time, but just because they felt like it (and because Lucy started barking at the wall, but whatever).

Tonight I am going to write until 7, and then I am going to take myself to a solo screening of Neighbors, and then I am going to come home and write some more. Because popcorn sounds really good…and because I can.

Because I’m ON VACATION.

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