This Might Actually Be The Coolest Thing In The World

Our stroller (the one I stressed and stressed and stressed about buying all those years ago) sort of died.

It still works, technically…it’s just that after three years of being trucked up and down flights of stairs, smushed into car trunks, and sat on by dogs and humans, it’s seen better days.

Enter: this crazy thing. My life doesn’t usually include marvels of technology, mostly because I am completely hopeless at figuring out things like…well, like assembly in general, but I need to tell you how ridiculous-intuitive and amazing this stroller is. Besides the fact that it makes me feel like I’m parenting in the movie Total Recall, putting it together was like the virtual opposite of putting together anything that I’ve ever gotten from Ikea. As in: I could do it. And I didn’t cry.

Pros: headlights, an LED screen that tells you how many miles you’ve logged per trip, a cell phone charger, and a color kit that lets you swap out the seat shade whenever you feel like it. Cons: It’s expensive, as you’d imagine. And it’s kind of heavy, so it wouldn’t have worked for us back in our fourth-floor walkup days.

Lucy likes the stroller, too.

We basically spent the entire weekend playing with it and a couple of other baby-on-the-way items (specifically the Mamaroo and a play yard, both of which I wanted when we had Indy but didn’t have space for).

Question for those of you with more than one child: Is a double stroller an absolute necessity? For the time being I’m going to make do with either the “Indy on Kendrick’s shoulders/baby in bassinet attachment” combo or the “Indy in stroller/baby in carrier” combo…but when she hits six months (Indy will be 3 1/2), are we going to have to invest? I’d love to skip it if possible, but am interested in others’ experiences with this.

Origami Stroller ℅ 4Moms. 

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