Memory (or “First Knuckle”) Rings At Every Price

Memory rings (also known as “midi rings” and “first knuckle rings”) are one of my absolute favorite accessories – I wear them every single day of my life, no matter how casual or fancy I’m being, and love how they’re simultaneously elegant and a little edgy. They were super-trendy for awhile, but at this point I think they’ve transcended being a “thing” and have become just another category of accessory – meaning that while you can find them for next-to-nothing, they’re not necessarily a bad place to lay out a little extra money for a piece you’ll have forever.

To me, memory rings (which are called that because you can use them to remember to-dos, transferring them from one hand to another when the task has been completed) fall into three basic price categories (I’m ignoring the ones on the $200+ end of the spectrum, because while they’re very pretty it’s also not necessarily especially practical to spend that kind of money on a ring that honestly might fall off your finger at some point; I’ve had a lot of luck with mine and even sleep in my rings without them slipping off, but you never know).

{Some favorite picks, above.}

$: At the lowest end of the price scale, you can find great sets sold in bunches of threes and fives. Stores like River Island and Asos carry them for around $8-$10, but you can also find extremely inexpensive versions in bulk on eBay. One caveat: if you go for “gold” rings at this price, be aware that they’re not going to stay gold for long.

$$: There are a ton of options available in the $20-$40 range – I especially love picks from Gorjana, Bauble Bar, and Nissa, and at this price you can try out more interesting shapes and styles.

$$$: I think it’s nice to invest in at least one ring that simple and classic, and that you’ll wear every day…and for these purposes, Catbird’s rings are the gold standard. I have the Mignon Memory Ring, and I never, ever take it off.

P.S. Don’t forget: you can also buy regular rings, like this Catbird Threadbare Ring, in smaller sizes to sit above the knuckle, or scour vintage and thrift stores for pinky rings and wear them as memory rings.

midi rings

Pictured here, L to R: Nissa Jewelry ring; my grandmother’s pinky ring worn as a memory ring; eBay silver ring; Catbird gold ring.

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