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Quick Trick: Hide Your Growing-Out Bangs

I love my bangs.

I also don’t want to deal with them anymore.

I like the way they look when they’re blown-out and the perfect length (that’s them hanging out with me in a Vegas elevator last spring), but the reality is that a) I do not have time or patience to trim my bangs nearly as often as I should; and b) the second there is even a single molecule of moisture in the air, they head every direction except for the way that I would like them to.


See? Cute picture; not-so-cute bangs. (In my defense, last July Fourth basically felt like wading through a sauna.)

And this summer is gearing up to be, oh, I don’t know, THE BUSIEST TIME OF MY ENTIRE LIFE EVER…so I want to keep things easy. I’m growing them out.


My favorite solution for the dreaded In-Between Stage: this, basically. How to do it: pull your bangs back and slightly off to one side (allowing any shorter pieces to fall out on the sides to keep the look relaxed), and secure with a small U-shaped bobby pin and a little hairspray.

Loose, pretty, works with an updo or with your hair down. Done.

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