1970s Baby Outfits And Coffee Shops

That was pretty much what our weekend was about.

I spent Saturday – which I hear was beautiful, but did not actually see for myself – sitting in this very spot in my pajamas while my son and husband adventured around at aquariums and grocery stores, working on a couple of hugely exciting writing projects I’ll be able to announce in just a few weeks.

Sunday we decided to head into the city because Indy is pretty much obsessed with my parents’ cats and was desperate to see them. Fine by me: you know what’s in the city?




(Those things are also other places, but I enjoy eating them in the city much more.)

blue gem earrings

I wore my new favorite earrings (see how the stones are two sliiiightly different colors? Love love)…

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 7.28.31 AM

We ate breakfast burritos at The Galaxy Diner…

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 7.28.49 AM

times square

And then headed over to Times Square with my mom, where we parted ways so that Kendrick could take Indy to check out the dinosaur at Toys R Us and mom and I could go play in the baby section at the Gap.

OK, if any of you are the parent or parent-to-be of a little girl and have a similar thing for 1970s clothing…I really think you should go. Immediately, before the Gap starts selling fall/winter clothing sometime around April (has anyone else noticed how inexplicably ahead-of-the-seasons they are?).

I’m not especially into pink explosions, tulle, bedazzling, emblems that say MOMMY’S PRECIOUS PRINCESS or the kinds of things you typically find adorning little-girl clothes, and I’m also not especially into bodysuit-type onesies like these (I gravitate towards ones like this, that are a little looser through the body and seem cozier). But the collection that the Gap is doing right now is like my Holy Grail For Baby Girls: nearly everything in the store is exactly what I have always pictured dressing a little girl in, should I have one. Subtle embroidered flowers, denim, flutter sleeves, faded pastels, relaxed shapes, eyelet. Feminine and pretty, but not overly girly. Kinda throwback-y.

And so mom and I went a little nuts, and basically took care of getting her dressed for her first couple of months.

Want to see our picks?!?!

Ugh, I love it.

Speaking of “her” – Kendrick and I spent a bunch of time this weekend poring over baby name books and making lists of potential names (this is the process we used last time, and more or less the process we’re using this time). And I was trying to think of something fun to call her on RG (so as not to keep calling her “Her”).

Any ideas?? I was thinking maybe “Anna” (Indy…and Anna? Ha? No?).

P.S. Hands-down my favorite name that I found in my baby book this weekend:



That is incredible.

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