Where To Get A Tattoo In New York City: Addiction NYC (Ask For Austin)

Like I said, we were in the mood to act out a little. But since bar hopping or clubbing isn’t really on the menu at the moment, we headed down to a tattoo parlor on St. Mark’s Place that has tattooed my family (my mom, my dad, Kendrick, and me) a total of five times.

Now six.

No tattoos for the pregnant lady – we’ll get to that next fall – but Kendrick has a design he’s wanted to get for awhile now, so:

This was how we spent the rest of our evening in the city.

Want to see what he got?!

addiction nyc

addiction nyc tattoo

picasso tattoo

matador tattoo

(It’s the matador from Picasso’s Bullfight III.)

What I especially love about Addiction NYC – besides the fact that it’s tucked in between ramen restaurants and fetish shops, which feels like the exact place that a great tattoo shop should be located – is that it feels old-school in a very good way. They don’t rush you, they actually listen, and they work with you to pick not only the right design and the right size for your image, but also the right spot on your body to place it (which I think is the most important part; if I could go back in time and not have a Gemini symbol smack in the center of my lower back, for example, that would be fantastic).

Ask for Austin. I’ve had positive tattooing experiences and not-so-positive ones…but never one as positive as this. He’s great.

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