Lust Object: Camel Coat

Alright, it’s not often that I see Kim Kardashian’s clothing and go “NEED THAT.” I don’t like tight, or short, or lacy, and I certainly don’t like all three at once.

But I loved this Max Mara Manuela coat. And the fact that I’m still loving it months after she wore it all over Paris means that I really love it. I think she looks sweet and cozy. Like a very fashionable teddy bear.


And a couple of days ago reader Christina wrote me about Scarlett Johansson’s outfit for her Letterman appearance, asking if I could locate the coat. And yup: Max Mara again (it’s the Mimma). Which basically means that Max Mara is doing camel coats really, really well right now.

But oh my goodness, they’re expensive. And they can’t be the only company doing camel coats really, really well right now. …Right?

Let’s take a look at some more options, starting at just $47 (yes).

Personal favorite: the belted Oasap for $191. It looks exactly like the Max Mara…and were I to spill something on it (which I would), it would be more of a “bummer” than a “soul-crushing tragedy”, which is always nice.

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