Sarah Jessica Parker’s Shoe Collection For Nordstrom


I don’t think I get it.

Obviously everyone is pretty excited to see Sarah Jessica Parker’s first line of shoes (SJP, sold exclusively at Nordstrom starting in February 2014 and ranging from $250-$450). I’m excited, too.

Except…putting aside for the moment the (important) fact that Sarah Jessica Parker is seriously involved in the world of fashion – witness her Met Gala outfits, her brief appointment as chief creative officer of Halston, and her daily runway walk to her childrens’ school (which I have to admit I kind of enjoy, especially when she does wonderfully silly things like habitually cuff just one pants leg) – I think what everyone is actually excited to see is Carrie Bradshaw’s first line of shoes.

Which seems to me to be kind of a grand misunderstanding of what, in fact, actors actually do. Which is act like people whom they presumably are not.

Anyway, the line is okay.


I do not like this.


Or this. At all.


This feels like a bridesmaids shoe. Which is fine, but not especially exciting.


But I really like this. Revolutionary? No. But classically beautiful, and I love the detail of that diagonal strap.


And I also kind of love this (which just so happens, in total contrast to everything that I wrote above, to be called the “Carrie”), despite the fact that it makes me a little sleepy.

Summary: I’m completely confused. Because Sarah Jessica Parker herself says that the line was inspired by her work on SATC, the Mary-Jane type shoe pictured above is a clear homage to the SATC episode where Carrie loses it over a pair of Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes in the Vogue closet, and the nude t-bar shoe is actually called the “Carrie.” And so, okay, maybe we’ve all agreed to labor under the illusion that it’s a Carrie-approved line.

Except nothing here says “Carrie” to me in any way. Like, at all. Maybe I missed something.

Or maybe Sarah Jessica Parker agrees with me that she is not, in fact, the living embodiment of a role she played on TV ten years ago, and thus gets to do whatever she damn well pleases.


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