It’s Raining, It’s Pouring (So Let’s Talk Stylish Umbrellas)

I was so confused when my son woke me up this morning (with the usual request: “MAMA. ORANGE JUICE”).

He’s generally pretty good about sleeping until the sun is up – which is good in the winter, not so good in the summer (blackout curtains are on my to-be-purchased list) – but this morning I heard the orange juice announcement when it was still pitch-black outside.

As it turned out, it was 7:17a.m., and he was right on schedule. And it wasn’t pitch-black outside, technically. Just gross.

Ick, today is so gross.

So let’s look at some pretty umbrellas.

I don’t own a pretty umbrella (despite the fact that I have definitely purchased many umbrellas both cute and not-cute over the course of my life, the only one that I can ever find when I actually need to be shielded from the rain is both Pepto-Bismol pink and broken), but it would certainly be a nice addition to this dreary day. Personal favorite: the Alexia Crawford raindrops style.

You know what else is a nice addition to a rainy day, and something that I do happen to own?

geox rain boots

These (no longer available, but this is a similar style). People stop me to compliment me on them in the freezing rain (it just happened). That means they must be good.

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