Club Med And A Crochet Swimsuit

We booked a vacation. It was directly inspired by my 2013 recap, in which I posted the above photo and realized just how very much I wanted to be in that exact spot right this very moment.

We weren’t planning on going on a trip this year (other than possibly heading to Maine for a few days this summer), because Kendrick’s in school (and he’s going to India – !! – as part of his program during the spring semester)…but the weather broke me.

I am broken.

I need a Club Med to fix me.

Here’s the thing: while I consider myself a relatively adventurous traveler and usually like to explore a new place rather than, say, eat at one of the same three restaurants every day…traveling is a whole other thing when you have small children. In a few years, we’ll go back to exploring far-flung locales and running all over the place (maybe; I don’t know; at this point I’ve been kind of spoiled by the total lethargic bliss that is an all-inclusive resort)…but for right now, I want Club Med.

Seriously, they just make everything so easy. You give them a ring and tell them what you’re looking for (I wanted warm + relatively inexpensive + airfare-inclusive + Petit Club for 2-3 year olds + separate bedroom for our son), and then they hold your hand while everything gets arranged, and then all you have to do is get yourself to the airport; everything else is completely (and wonderfully) mindless. They provide things like strollers and bottle warmers for littler kids, have food available all of the time (meaning you don’t have to tote around snacks in the diaper bag), and offer for-real Children’s Paradises stocked with happy twenty-year-olds who will play with your child for a few hours while you collapse next to the pool with a pina colada.

I need this.

So we compromised: instead of a pricier trip to our favorite beach destination – Mexico – we went for six days at the Sandpiper Bay Club Med in Florida. Flights were only $300 apiece (round-trip), we got upgraded to something called a Deluxe Family Club Room (sounds good), and I hear that there is a beach chair with “JORDAN PLEASE SIT HERE” written on it.

(If this sounds sponsored by Club Med, it isn’t. I just need to be there right now.)


Also, I would like to wear this while I’m there. I won’t, because I don’t think I can pull it off. But it’s so cute that I wanted to show it to you, in case you can.

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